I've been thinking, what drives the development of society? What affect the community in the whole World?

Why are crises so often? Why wars break out?

Why is there such an unbalanced "division" of society into "successful", but small and "unsuccessful", but many ?...  and what it means to be "successful"?

... And this at a time when democracy, a high level of technological development and the global commitment to humanity in society should be to dominate and control it ....

    So ... what motivates, directs the society?

We are told that the welfare of society depends on the development of the market, mainly from the development of the economy. At school, the institute is taught that way, the media are trying to convince us of the same. So, in general, we would need to know exactly that: if the economy is in a depressive state, the whole society is suffering in every country, regardless of the social order ... Conversely, if the economy in the raising of - society needs to thrive.

Therefore, to simplify a little the problem, I will consider economic aspects, which affect to "our" society, his move ... regardless of the direction...

Let's start from the basic question:

              Society, what is it? What is society?

The smallest unit of society is a human being. It has become clear to me that what drives everyone  influences society mostly, it drives the processes in the development of society .

               What motivates each person?
               What concerns everyone  most?

Maybe it's the money? Power? Fear? Love? Happiness? Success? ...

Of course, these aspects of our existence play a big role in our lives. But the problem of finding a universal force that drives every human being  not solved with these aspects.  Because not for each of these aspects affects everyone the same degree. Some are successful, some not, some - happy, some - no, someone loves, someone is afraid and so on ...

               What every man and every individuals have in common?

The answer is simple - the life, the existence of which everyone wants to extend longer. Of course it's arguable that everyone accepts as "normal" is his way of life. For this reason, the discussion will focus on vital aspects.

                What do I need, each one individually, to save his life?

Answer Eating, drinking, exercise, energy, communication, exchange information ...

In other words, every person needs the products from the following industries:

          food, water / wastewater, energy, traffic / transportation, communication, information

If something is missing from this list or not get enough, you will feel bad, are marginalized, sick ... and at worst it leads to death.

This means that everyone is dependent on these industrial products.

And that's the only thing we all have in common and what drives us:


It does not matter if you're rich or poor, successful or not ... You are DEPENDENT on producers of essential products.

So, people are dependent on such products of society and industry. It's okay, it's not bad. We're all people.

What is bad is the fact that in every sector of the economy that produces these products, a monopoly exists, a pair of large industrial companies that manufacture and sell these products. And these companies do not want that customers (each) of them are independent. If everyone becomes independent from such a supplier's profits fall to the ground and this threatens the existence of such structures of industry.

Let's look a little near the industry.

             How it works in the industry? What is the core of industrial processes?

It's easy! The core of the industry is expressed in one simple sentence:

                Productivity is everything!

Productivity as an engine of the economy and ultimately the "basis" of modern society.

 Two trends in the industry:
-    On one hand, higher employee productivity contributes to their high rating and thus their higher standard of living, because his work is rewarded better, he can also consume the products, is financially able to buy the products.
-    On the other hand, productivity is dependent on technical  development and means that are constantly evolving, so fewer workers are needed for the same production levels. This means that less and less will work and bring profits for  the companies and as a result consume less products because they can it not afford. Fewer and fewer people are able to buy products because they do not have enough money for it.

Of these two trends resulting process produces the following: drop the cost of producing the product and theoretically should reduce the price of the product. The position of man in the development and manufacture of the product goes into product development.

In the area of ​​production for a long time, there are automated systems (robots). And fewer and fewer developers design new products and more and more robots and automated systems produce this products.

Currently, this trend can be observed in all life-sustaining industries: 

             energy, automotive industry, water / wastewater ... and so on.

The use of automated systems can reduce the cost of producing the product. And this leads to increased profits. At the same time, by increasing the degree of automation, fewer people are able to buy these products, because more and more people are not involved in the manufacturing process and do not get paid for it, do not have a steady cash income and therefore lose their purchasing power.

So, fewer and fewer of those who produce products and more and more of people who stay at home with no income.

And that is the real reason for the so-called "financial crisis", "social crises", "Political Crisis" ...

But we need these products to live:

             food, water / wastewater, energy, traffic / transportation, communication, information

Since everyone is dependent on these products everyone has the right to know what the society and technological development helps to improve prosperity from that.

and again:  the true driving force of the world is the dependence of life and as a result the dependence of each of the vital products of producers!

If you just look at how prices evolve in the industry, you come to a seemingly paradoxical situation:

        Productivity increases -> Product Cost sink -> Prices are rising

This paradox is easily explained:
Our individually dependence on life and the monopoly position of manufacturers who use our addiction. They are trying (and successfully) to maintain this relationship, expand and even artificially created dependence  only for  maximizing the  profit.

One can of course ask:

        So what? It is known! Now what?

It is now clear that we have understood it ... and this problem has now clearly visible.

To solve the problem, the first step is necessary: it is necessary to be able to see the problem, to see how it is created, and how the system works.

  And then we can take another (next) step.

    The next step would be:  estimate this dependence.

Yes!  Right!  Estimate! 

If you can estimate the dependence on new products, you can buy only the specific products that enable  with the time to become more independent.

And you continue this process until you get its own source of energy, your own self-repairable transport unit, your free access to water, communication, information and knowledge …

It is a Target, that can be reached…  and now…

Now we want estimate our own dependence on someone product, that we have to buy.

And How?

And so!:  Go to Calculate Page

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